"I define soul authorship as engaging in a task entirely from beginning to end – from sourcing materials, to learning a technology, to making or building something, to using it.  I have realized that this is exactly what I have been doing with everything I have ever attempted my whole life – and, this approach is what I offer my students.  My teaching philosophy is grounded the soul authorship approach and I attempt, whenever possible, to ensure my students author their own learning experiences through a project based, hands on approach entirely from beginning to end.” Bill Schindler

As a professor at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, Dr. Schindler is able to teach anthropology in a unique way that brings students through the entire experience from start to finish all   View just a sampling of the projects his students have completed using this soul authorship model.

This approach to teaching has even received international attention when Dr. Schindler presented the keynote lecture at the 9th Experimental Archaeology Conference (EAC) hosted by the UCD School of Archaeology at University College Dublin & National Heritage Park, 16-18 January 2015.

Dr. Schindler's soul authorship and the value of authentic learning experiences keynote address