2015          Prehistoric Subsistence at Indiantown Farms.  Co-authored article in progress with Dr. Julie Markin, Chris Menke, Sarah Cohen, and Nicole Gamez.
2015          Experimental Research in Middle Atlantic Archaeology.  Book chapter to appear in, editors Heather Wholey and Carole Nash, Foundations of Middle Atlantic Prehistory, Alta Mira Press.
2015          Rethinking Relative Utility Factors to Better Model Resource Potential in Prehistoric Diets.  Co-authored (first author) with Dr. Aaron Krochmal and Katie Eckenrode.  Submitted to American Antiquity and currently under review.
2015          Our Dietary Past: The Story of the Human Quest for Nutrient Dense Foods.  Alta Mira Press, MD. 

Articles and Book Chapters  

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2013          Location, Location, Location: The Archaeology of Prime Fishing Site Selection.  Chapter to appear in The Inescapable Significance of Cultural Ecology and Environmental Sciences in Archaeology: Papers in Honor of William M. Gardner.  Editors Heather Wholey and Carole Nash, Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology, 29:123-130.
2013          I Know What you Did Last Summer.  EXARC Journal 2013/3.  Available online at:
2013          EXARC at the Times and Epochs Festival, Kolomenskoye Park, Moscow.  EXARC Journal 2013/3.  Available online at:
2012          Flakes Giving You Lip?  Let Them Speak: An Examination of the Relationship Between Percussor Type and Lipped Platforms.  Co-authored (lead author) with Jeremy Koch, Temple University. Archaeology of Eastern North America, 40:99-106.  (Peer reviewed).
2012          The Society of Primitive Technology. EuroREA, 3. Available online at:
2012          An Interview with Dr. Errett Callahan. EuroREA, 3.  Available online at:
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                  Archaeologist, 30(4):421-432.
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Technical Reports
2015          The Archaeology of Mount Harmon.  Lead author in the upcoming co-authored report with John Seidel and Julie Markin.
2011          Evaluation of Archaeological Testing and Predictive Modeling on Maryland’s Upper Eastern Shore – 2009 Investigations.   Lead author in the co-authored report with John Seidel submitted to the Maryland Historical Trust.
2010          What’s the point? Systematic testing of projectile performace when confronted with various body coverings.  Report submitted to the Research Department at Lejre: Land of Legends, Lejre, Denmark.              
2008          Analysis of Artifacts from the King’s Quarry Site (36Lh2).  Co-authored (second author) with Dr. R. Michael Stewart.  Report submitted to the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission.
2004          Management Summary of Archaeology at Teackle Mansion, Phase II, Report prepared for Friends of Teackle Mansion, Inc. Co-authored with Gonick, K. and Messner, T.
2003        Management Summary of Archaeology at Teackle Mansion, Phase I, Report prepared for Friends of Teackle Mansion, Inc. Co-authored with Gonick, K. and Messner, T.