Learn the skills to fashion primitive clothing from natural materials to protect you from the elements just like your ancestors did! 

Recent studies of body lice genetics suggest that our ancestors first created clothing sometime around 170,000 years ago!  Early clothing allowed our ancestors to live and work in conditions otherwise to harsh for survival.  Clothing technology certainly changed through time but the purpose remained the same – identify the elements of concern and fashion clothing to protect yourself from them. 

Students in this class will learn the basics of primitive clothing technology beginning with:

  1. Understanding the relationship between the environment,
  2. Clothing material choice,
  3. Clothing design,
  4. Clothing construction, and
  5. Clothing maintenance.  

Students will also learn how to:

  1. Create patterns,
  2. Prepare sinew and lashings,
  3. Utilize an awl,
  4. Sew, and
  5. Maintain clothing.