Today only about 50-55% of an animal is considered food and is available on our grocery store shelves!  Not only is this a wasteful and disrespectful practice but we are also missing the most nutrient dense parts of the the animal - organs, blood and fat!

In nature, when an animal is killed, the predator always consumes the organs, blood and fat first sometimes even leaving the rest of the carcass for other animals to scavenge.  When our ancestors learned how to hunt and turned from scavenger to predator they, for the first time had access to these same nutrient dense foods.  Today, our diets consist almost entirely of the least nutrient dense part of animals - the flesh!

Learn the skills necessary to utilize the entire animal and transform unfamiliar parts such as:

  • Fat,
  • Marrow,
  • Blood,
  • Skin,
  • Bones, and
  • Organs into nutritious and delicious foods!