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Eat Like Humans Again

Augmented Reality

Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum (map)

Augmented Reality: How We Transformed a Reality Show, The Great Human Race, into a unique teaching and learning experience

Come listen how National Geographic’s The Great Human Race has impacted Dr. Schindler’s teaching approach at Washington College and helped to shape the Eastern Shore Food Lab.

Dr. Schindler in Ethiopia and the Great Human Race
Healthy Animal Fats with Dr. Bill Schindler

Healthy Animal Fats with Dr. Bill Schindler

The Hill Center (map)

Class from the spring

Join Archaeologist-Chef Dr. Bill Schindler, Founder and Director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, for a class on the benefits of animals fats in the modern diet.

Animal fats have disappeared from American dinner plates and have been replaced by artificial products, such as margarine and highly processed vegetable oils. This move away from saturated fats did not provide the benefits that the experts promised, and national health has continued to decline. High quality, nutrient dense animal fats play an important role in a healthy diet. Dr. Schindler will teach you how to procure, handle and cook with these fats.

Participants will process and render fats, learn about the flavor profiles and qualities of various fats, and prepare a variety of dishes that rely upon high quality, nutrient dense fats, including fermented butter, mayonnaise, roasted marrow bones and lardo.

Bill Schindler is the Director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab and Associate Professor of Anthropology at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. He is a specialist in primitive technologies who lives his work. He was the star of National Geographic’s acclaimed series The Great Human Race.