• Temple B'nai Israel (map)
  • Easton, MD

Dr. Bill Schindler, director of Washington College’s Eastern Shore Food Lab, will present “Food Evolution Revolution: The Cutting-Edge Fusion of Archaeology, Anthropology, and the Modern Kitchen,” challenging contemporary notions of food systems and encouraging people to rethink our historical relationship with food. The event is presented by The Aspen Institute Wye Fellows and Washington College, and sponsored by Out of the Fire restaurant.

Dr. Schindler, teaches in Washington College’s Department of Anthropology and is the director of the College’s new Eastern Shore Food Lab. Known worldwide for his expertise in primitive and ancestral technologies, he will examine how to transform our food systems by fusing the most cutting-edge food processing technologies with his deep understanding of our three-and-a-half-million-year dietary past to create food for today’s palate that is more nutritious, meaningful, and sustainable. He calls it “learning to eat like humans again". 

By fusing lessons from our dietary past with modern culinary techniques, Dr. Schindler believes we can create a food system that is meaningful, accessible, relevant, and delectable.

This event is free and open to the public, but registration is requested.