• Oxford Community Center the Oxford Garden Club (map)
  • Oxford, MD

On Thursday, November 1, 2018, 2:00 pm at the Oxford Community Center the Oxford Garden Club invites the public to hear Dr. Bill Schindler, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Washington College and Director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, give a talk on “Lessons from our Dietary Past”.


He will speak about his research focused on fusing ancestral, traditional and modern food practices to develop strategies that support the creation of an accessible food system that increases the density and bioavailability of nutrients. In order to be effective, these solutions must simultaneously meet our biological nutritional needs as well as our modern cultural expectations of taste, smell, texture and visual appeal. His presentation will offer a unique perspective on our dietary past, provide insight from the Food Evolutions Project and anecdotes from his work starring in the National Geographic Series, “The Great Human Race”.  You will learn about his vision for the Eastern Shore Food Lab located at Washington College and how it will utilize this approach to reconnect us with our food so that we can learn to eat like humans again!