• Colonial Williamsburg (map)
  • Williamsburg, VA
  • USA

Keynote Speaker at the Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology (REARC) Conference

An applied experimental archaeological approach holds tremendous promise for addressing the biggest health issue facing humans today - diet. Beginning with the interpretation of the archaeological record and ancestral, traditional, and modern food practices dedicated to increasing the density and bioavailability of nutrients, and experimenting with ways to fuse them with modern culinary techniques, we can develop startegies that support the creation of relevant, menaingful, and accessible food system solutions. In order to be effective these solutions must simultaneously meet our biological nutritional needs as well as our modern culinary expectations of taste, smell, texture and visual appeal. This address will offer a unique perspective on our dietary past, provide insight from the Food Evolutions Project, and discuss the vision for the Eastern Shore Food Lab, the new center at Washington College dedicated to using this approach to reconnect people ith their food and learning to eat like humans again.

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