• Colonial Williamsburg (map)
  • Williamsburg, VA

Before there were historic trades there were prehistoric technologies. Here comes a rare opportunity to see them side-by-side. For one day only, Saturday, November 19, RE-Arc, a meeting of reconstructive and experimental archaeologists, will bring some of the foremost experts in the world to demonstrate ancient technologies in conjunction with the group’s annual conference in Williamsburg. 

Reconstructive and experimental archaeology tries to interpret how early humans might have hunted, made tools, dressed, and solved the problems of everyday life. To do this, they conduct experiments by combining evidence found using archaeology with the resources and technologies that would have been available to early humans.

It may seem like a strange fit with the 18th-century environment, but our tradespeople are actually practicing experimental archaeology. They just happen to work in shops, and they have access to substantially more evidence. But the process is similar, as they use period methods and tools to make things.