• Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital (map)
  • 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
  • Washington, DC 20003

Calling all carnivores! Many of us have forgotten that the meat we buy comes from animals. To reconnect with the meat's source (hint: it’s not a cellophane-wrapped package), local chefs have turned to whole animal butchery. The Whole Beast series will highlight the processes involved in hunting, plucking, butchering and preparing prime cuts, as well as some of the lesser-known bits. You will leave class with a greater appreciation for the whole animal as well as its parts, from nose to tail or beak to feet.

Fats have all but disappeared from the American diet and become one of the most underused parts of the animal, having been replaced by artificial products such as margarine and highly processed vegetable oils. This move away from saturated fats did not provide the results that the experts promised it would – in fact, rates of obesity and coronary heart disease have increased more rapidly than ever. After decades of declining national health, we are now beginning to realize the role that high-quality, nutrient-dense animal fats play in a healthy human diet. In this class, Bill Schindler will show you how to reintroduce them to your plates by demonstrating the lost arts of procuring, handling and cooking with animal fats.

You will learn about the attributes of fats from various animals and from different cuts of the same animal, how to render and process them and how to incorporate them into a number of flavorful, nutritious recipes. 

Participants will:

  • Make butter
  • Prepare pig fat, render lard, and make the best tasting, healthiest French fries they have ever tasted!
  • Roast marrow bones and produce marrow butter
  • Prepare goose confit
  • Prepare lardo (a type of salumi)

For more information and to register visit the Hill Center.  Tickets are $75