Learn how to use water and fire to transform earth into an amazing array of containers for cooking, storage and even fermentation vessels. 

In certain parts of the world prehistoric ceramic technology dates back to 10,000 years.  This technology allowed our ancestors to cook and process materials directly on the fire – a feat previously unattainable unless bowls were painstakingly carved out of stone.  The development of ceramic technology went hand in hand with the production of foods such as soups, stews, and teas and the production of materials such as glues and mastics and even poisons!

Students in this workshop will learn:

  1. How clays form and how to use this understanding to identify clays that posses the right properties for primitive ceramic production,
  2. How to quarry and process clay,
  3. The different properties of tempers, how to select the right temper, how to process temper,
  4. Different hand building methods including pinch, slab and coil,
  5. Surface treatment applications,
  6. How to fire hand built pots in an outdoor fire, and
  7. How to use your new pots!